Be Out. Be In. Be You. It’s National Coming Out Day!

Oct. 11, 2021

For LGBTQ+ people, coming out is still one of the most powerful ways to proclaim to the world that “we exist” and “we are not going anywhere”. Homophobia and transphobia thrive in silence, and Denver Public Schools is not silent in our support of this unique and diverse community. We are proud to affirm our LGBTQ+ students, team members, and families whether they are out or not.

It’s not always safe for people to come out on this day or any other. If you’re not ready, that is ok. If you’re not ready, know that there are others in DPS who are breaking this silence and making space for your moment. Whenever. However. Or Never. We continue to boldly make our spaces Safe and Welcoming for LGBTQ+ students, families, and team members.

LGBTQ+ students, team members, and families exist in every grade and every building in DPS. We recognize the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community and honor the deeply personal process of coming out.

On this day of LGBTQ+ visibility, Denver Public Schools is in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ students, staff and families. We recognize the importance of our LGBTQ+ communities to be seen, heard, and fully included in Denver Public Schools.

Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences created signs of support to recognize this day! View their encouraging messages above.

Happy National Coming Out Day! Be Out. Be In. Be You.

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